SBC has recently undertaken to develop a net zero energy program platform for the eventual implementation of the “Energiesprong” program in Canada. Energiesprong is a unique program approach to retrofit buildings originally developed in the Netherlands. The program aims to aggregate individual retrofit opportunities into large segments of demand for equipment suppliers and constructors, encouraging large scale investment and economies of scale in providing products and services to meet the retrofit demand. To date, the Dutch program has focused primarily on providing solutions for the social housing sector. SBC proposes to similarly focus on the social housing sector where aggregation of multiple projects can be achieved by engaging a small number of strategic housing providers as partners.

The typical net zero energy retrofit includes a major re-cladding of an existing attached row home, a complete switch-out of the mechanical system, and the addition of solar photovoltaics. The intent is to industrialize the process through the use of pre-fabrication and off-site assembly which facilitates rapid deployment with minimal disruption to tenants.  In the Netherlands, the entire retrofit activity typically takes two to five days.

As part of the background development, SBC undertook a variety of research efforts,including:

  • Engagement with key housing providers and related associations in the province of Ontario;
  • Review and assessment of housing provider assets resulting in the identification of priority projects for pilot implementation;
  • Development of a detailed scanning process and scan to Building Information Modelling (BIM) model development;
  • Development of a user-friendly savings and cost estimating spreadsheet-based tool that provides a detailed net present value assessment;
  • Energy modelling for the various options using social housing town-homes in Toronto and Ottawa as the example projects;
  • Design workshops in Toronto and Ottawa featuring subject matter experts focusing on key technical and policy issues.
  • Development of capital cost estimates for the suite of measures identified in the 2 workshops and subsequent research.

This initial research phase is now complete and SBC is pleased to provide the results of this research in the following 3 reports:

Summary Research Report

Toronto Workshop Report

Ottawa Research Report

Phase 2 Report - Industry Engagement IDP

Feasibility Study - Townhouse Complex

Note that the Summary Report contains specific recommendations for next steps to implementation.

SBC welcomes feedback on any of our efforts, please feel free to join the conversation below.

See here for more information on the Energiesprong initiative.