Boot Camp

August 23–27, 2021

Diploma & graduate Students – learn how to make Better Buildings!

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Better Buildings Boot Camp

This Boot Camp (BBBC) is an opportunity for post-secondary diploma and graduate students from a variety of disciplines, as well as faculty, staff, and professionals, to work together collaboratively through the integrated design and delivery process to develop more sustainable buildings.

This program was created with input from sustainable building subject matter experts and faculty from Carleton University, George Brown College, OCAD University, Ryerson University, Seneca College, University of Toronto, and York University.


We spend 90% of our time in the buildings we live and work in, and buildings account for nearly 40% percent of worldwide GHG‘s. How a building is designed, built, maintained, operated and used can have significant financial, environmental and social impact. In order to affect real change, a holistic and integrated understanding of and approach to the built environment is required, including multiple stakeholders. To do this, Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) has organized a “Better Buildings Boot Camp” to bring together graduate students from a variety of disciplines to learn how they can take responsibility for better buildings in the future. Better Buildings have a meaningful impact on our society.

The goal is to include students from a variety of backgrounds, institutions and fields of study, including but not limited to architecture, design, engineering, building science, and environment and also business, social sciences, arts, etc.

The week-long VIRTUAL Boot CamP

The program format will mirror an extended integrated design workshop, providing students with hands on experience of preparing for and participating in this process. The week-long virtual on-line program will run from August 23–27, 1 to 3 pm. For the Boot Camp, a proposed new campus building has been identified, and students will be invited to review the project’s design and planning documentation, see a video tour of the building site, and, if interested, take part in creating the pre-workshop energy model to reflect the energy use, GHG emissions, and operating costs of the building in advance of the camp.

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The Boot Camp will consist of live GoToWebinar plenary sessions facilitated by professional and/or academic experts on topics relevant to the building (i.e. indoor environmental quality, opaque and transparent building assemblies, mechanical systems, financing, operations and maintenance, stormwater, alternative energy, etc.). These plenary sessions will contain a variety of individual and panel style discussions and will be interactive through the use of surveys, polls, chat, and contain links to additional information. In addition, students will be divided into cross-institutional and multi-disciplinary groups, and participate daily in on-line collaborative and moderated group discussions and activities, allowing students to engage directly with each other to determine their group’s recommendations for the building. On Thursday, August 26th, students will observe the actual professional workshop with the building project team and see the energy model results live. The day will end with a live virtual Q&A panel with the presenters, faculty, staff and proponents of the building.



At the December 2020 University of Toronto Governing Council Meeting, Khashayar Ebrahimi presented an overview of our Better Buildings Bootcamp which took place in August.

“The value of the Better Buildings Boot Camp is that it begins to articulate the requirements for the next generation of high-performance buildings at U of T. Collaboration between sustainability experts and students from a diverse range of backgrounds has produced recommendations that will influence the design of this and other buildings at U of T.”

David Sasaki, Managing Director, Campus Planning, University Planning, Design, and Construction, U of T

Check out Khashayar’s full presentation here!

Better Building Boot Camp

August 23-27, 2021

The Boot Camp is open to graduate program or diploma students from post-secondary institutions. Created with input from Carleton University, George Brown College, OCADU, Ryerson University, Seneca College, University of Toronto, and York University.

Space is limited to 80 students. 

Better Buildings Boot Camp is an annual event that is inspired by the theme of each year’s Green Building Festival (GBF). 2021’s theme is ShockProof Your Project.

At the end of the Boot Camp students will receive a free invitation to attend the GBF and a certificate of completion.

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