About Us

Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) is a not-for-profit founded in 2003 by Canada’s pioneering champions of sustainable buildings.  Our Mission, Vision, and Values acknowledge the depth of our experience and knowledge, as well as our hopes and aspirations for the future of the built environment.

How we work:

We create and deliver programs and activities that connect our extensive network of leading sustainable building experts together with proponents of new or existing deep energy retrofit projects, all in pursuit of positive change to our built environment.  

Our independent and practical programs include day-long integrated design workshops (i.e. Enbridge’s Savings by Design and Net Zero Energy Program), hands-on training sessions (i.e. whole-building blower door testing), webcasts and webinars, boot camps, forums (Energy Modellers Forum) and conferences (Green Building Festival), to name a few.  

We have also taken part in or incubated other sustainable buildings programs such as Toronto2030, City of Toronto’s Deep Energy Retrofit Challenge, the Ontario Stakeholder Council.  

We value and support research into sustainable buildings through our White Papers as well as providing letters of support for related research endeavours by Canadian universities.  

We are deeply committed to the next generation of professionals in our industry.  In addition to our student focused Better Buildings Boot Camp, we also provide scholarships and awards to college and university students to support their interest in the sustainably built environment.

In all we do, we are deeply committed to providing a realistic, independent, and collaborative approach, demonstrating how it is possible to make a positive impact on the sustainable Canadian built environment. 


SBC is a catalyst for the positive transformation to a sustainable Canadian built environment.


SBC creates and connects communities of learners, practitioners, and leaders, providing platforms to collaborate and share real-world sustainable solutions.


  • Integrity: We conduct our business with the highest professional and ethical standards, independently and objectively.
  • Inclusivity: We engage a broad community and encourage open collaboration and dialogue.
  • Excellence: We continuously strive to advance best practices in the built environment.