Commercial airtightness testing training

Free Educational Training workshops for commercial air tightness testing.

SBC is excited to be delivering training workshops for commercial and multifamily new construction buildings air tightness testing program on behalf of Enbridge Gas. 

This free training program is intended for individuals with building envelope or building commissioning interest/experience and have a work and/or educational background in building enclosures, energy modelling, architecture, building sustainability, structural engineering, energy auditors or similar, general contractors, and builders/developers. Note that a statement of qualifications/experience is required as part of the application. 

The training will consist of an online course followed by a full day in-person course.  The online course covers seven modules: 

  1. Building Science of Air Control
  2. Air Tightness Testing Large Buildings
  3. Planning for Air Tightness Testing
  4. Testing Equipment
  5. Test Day
  6. Test Results and Analysis
  7. Reporting

The online course is asynchronous (can be completed at your own pace).  Knowledge acquisition questions are incorporated into the online course AND MUST be completed prior to attending the full day in-person course. 

During the in-person course participants will be directed in performing a series of hands-on simulated tests including temporary air sealing, setup for testing using multiple blower doors, operating the blower doors using laptop software, and calculating testing parameters.  The instructors will also review key testing considerations and the business of air tightness.  Instructors will be available to discuss course content throughout the day.

Participants will receive instructional manual, all presentation materials, links to source documents, supplemental training material, and a Certificate of Completion.


  • Dr. Randy van Straaten, Building Enclosure Labs Inc.
  • Trevor Trainor, Bawating Building Science
  • Miyoko Oikawa, Building Energy Matters