Codes Acceleration Workshops for Buildings Officials

SBC is excited to announce that we will be delivering a series of integrated design workshops for Codes Officials which are intended to demonstrate how to achieve the various tiers of energy performance of the new national building code(s). Focusing on high performance solutions, the workshops will include the highlights of the new Codes, local subject matter expert led presentations, collaborative solutions development, and energy modelling.  Attendees will learn how to combine design and technology solutions in a manner that meets the energy performance requirements for each tier. Intrinsic in this activity is the application of “real-world” solutions, including costing estimates and the reference to case studies and related research.

With funding support from Natural Resources Canada’s Codes Acceleration Fund, the overarching objective of these workshops is to ensure that the NBC/NECB, and the highest tiers practical, are adopted across the country. To accomplish this, codes officials and builders must understand and support the notion that the higher tiers are achievable with current designs and technologies.

SBC will be rolling out these Virtual Workshops in late 2024.  Codes officials, builders and stakeholders are encouraged to contact us at the link below if you are interested in participating.