workshop archive

Since our inception, we have embraced the integrated design concept and put it into practice through the delivery of 1-2 day design “Charrettes”. These intensive, multi-disciplinary workshops foster open discussion among experts and stakeholders aimed at achieving high performance in a building project – new or existing.

We believe the best approach is through the power of collaborative, integrated project design and delivery (early, often and throughout). Participants gain ‘big picture’ insights into evaluating their project, counteracting bias and other roadblocks to creative problem solving.

Our panelists are objective and product agnostic, offering solutions rooted in extensive experience with the available technologies, techniques and best practices. Our programs are often subsidized by like-minded industry partners such as Enbridge, Natural Resources Canada and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and we continuously explore ways to broaden our reach and partnerships.

SBC has delivered over 600 design workshop across Canada covering all building typologies – commercial, institutional, residential, both new and existing.