The Road to Net Zero Carbon & Energy: Definitions, Tools, Strategies & Case Studies for Existing & New Buildings

Climate change has delivered more extreme weather, temperature fluctuations, flooding and greater storm intensity. Protection of capital assets and the threat of liability are real issues facing building professionals. According to the City of Ottawa’s 2014 Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan, the energy used to heat, cool and ventilate buildings accounted for 49% of GHG emissions in Ottawa in 2012. As government policy and building codes commit to reducing carbon, the industry needs to understand and deliver zero carbon buildings.

Sustainable Buildings Canada is pleased to offer building professionals a half-day of presentations addressing carbon and energy use reduction in new and existing buildings. The presenters are energy and design professionals who understand the challenge of defining net zero and who have delivered low carbon solutions. The sessions will give building owners, managers and designers practical methods, tools and strategies to approach, and eventually reach, net zero energy and carbon buildings.

PDFs of Presentations:

Mike Singleton - Introduction to the Session

1 - Scott Rouse - Energy@Work Net Zero Presentation

2 - Mike Williams - Measuring up to Global Warming

3 - Mike Williams - Designing for Future Weather

4 - Michelle Xuereb - Designing for Future Weather

5 - Mike Singleton - Energiesprong

7 - Austin Selvig - The NZ Energy Balance Tool

8 - Anthony Leaning - Ottawa Salus Clementine Passive House