Student Bursaries

Apr 16, 2018

Sustainable Buildings Canada is pleased to announce that in 2018 we will be supporting 3 graduate students in the pursuit of their educational goals. After a review of potential candidates, SBC has selected the following individuals as recipients of a $1,000 bursary.

Shahrzad Soudian: PhD student, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department: Ryerson University

Sarah Ezzio: Master’s student, Urban and Regional Planning program: Queen’s University

Cristian Hurtado: Master’s student, Environmental Studies: York University


How does the bursary program work?

Candidates for the bursary must be enrolled in a post-secondary education institution and provide proof of acceptance and enrollment. Programs eligible for the bursary should be focused in engineering, environmental, building science and planning, or trades training that support those disciplines, however candidates in other disciplines that support the industry in areas such as policy, law and finance are also be considered. Candidates should have demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career in the sector and have experience volunteering or supporting SBC programs and initiatives. The Board of SBC selects candidates at its sole discretion on the basis of recommendations from stakeholders, partners and academia.

Read more about this year’s successful candidates:

Shahrzad is a PhD student in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at Ryerson University. Her research is mainly focused on innovative building materials as a key to energy efficiency, specializing in thermal energy storage in buildings. With a background in Architectural Engineering and Building Science, she is well-positioned to combine her knowledge in the fields of design, engineering and performance in a holistic manner and to explore projects from multiple angles. Shahrzad previously completed an internship with SBC where she reviewed the policy and legislative side of green and energy efficient construction. This experience motivated her to find ways to bridge industry projects with academic projects as a future prospect. With her enthusiasm and persistence, she is determined to achieve her goals and face any challenges on her way with a vision of a sustainable and harmonized world.



As a student in the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at Queen’s University, Sarah is curious about how the sustainability of our built environments can be promoted through innovative policy solutions. Her background in Environmental Science stimulated her interest in exploring the important role that the building sector plays in energy reduction strategies. Currently, this interest is applied in Sarah’s research on how energy disclosure policies for buildings can increase demand for sustainable building construction. Sarah hopes to pursue a career promoting innovative building science through urban planning policy in order to reduce the footprint of our cities.





Cristian is in his first year of the Master’s in Environmental Studies (MES) program at York University with a specialization in Business and Environment from Schulich School of Business. He is a passionate, honest and driven individual who desperately wants to make a significant contribution to Canada’s fight against climate change. Having a varied academic and professional background that includes theoretical physics, athletics and recreation, fashion retail, and construction has given Cristian many different perspectives on how to be most impactful in this fight, and he believes that tackling the global issue of energy use and generation is where he can make his mark. Family matters most to Cristian, and that is often what drives him to continue searching for better answers in the energy sector. “There are days that I get deeply concerned for the future that we are leaving behind for my unborn kids and grandkids. Only recently has it dawned on me that it is becoming decreasingly likely that the next generation will get to experience the beauties of nature that I have. I want to do everything I can to ensure that such a bleak reality never comes to pass.”

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