Strategies and Technologies for Building Resilience – Monday, March 20th

Jeanne Gang Architect of the Year

Thank you for joining us at another successful product knowledge event! On Monday March 20th, our speakers and guests explored the intersections between resilience, strategies and technologies. Topics included how risk and trends relate to weather events, the opportunities inherent in combining design tweaks with traditional systems to achieve resilience, the relationship between efficiency, technology and innovation in creating a fulsome resilience, and how smart infrastructure and pattern technologies can impact and change usage behaviours.

Thank you to our speakers, who have agreed to make their presentations accessible to anyone interested:

Experts and topics:

1 – Marcus Hinds on Mapping and Planning Around Resilience

2 – Jason Halter on Resilient Micro Architecture Projects

3 – Bill Davis on Heating and Cooling for a Changing Climate

4 – Joe Deu-Ngoc on Home Water Management Systems

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