Sudhir Suri

Sudhir Suri, Senior Architect & Partner, L’OEUF, MOAQ


Sudhir joined L’OEUF’s team a decade ago to concentrate his expertise on integrated and sustainable environmental design at multiple scales. Sudhir brings to his work an uncommon mixture of experiences: physics, mathematics and religious philosophy, followed by studies in environmental systems and architecture, and has worked in 9 different offices in the UK and Canada. With a focus on the cultural underpinnings of project contexts – the deep forms of architecture – Sudhir continuously combines his varied experience with his practice.

Sudhir has been committed to the improvement of sustainable architectural, landscape and living systems design for over 20 years, and has been singled out with prizes and awards for his creative ability and comprehensive knowledge of the field at every phase of his career. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Victoria College and University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Sudhir was awarded the Faculty Alumni Gold Medal, the Kaderali and Sweets Thesis prizes, and the Smale Fellowship on graduation from UWSA. His early work includes hospitals, hotels, and such notable projects as the Schulic School of Music (winner of the AERMQ award of excellence) and the Perimeter Institute (winner of the Governor General’s medal for excellence in architecture) while with Saucier + Perotte Architectes, as well as the Canada Aviation Museum and the master plan for the Airport Grounds with the Arcop Group.

With L’OEUF, Sudhir carried out the design and coordination of the Green Energy Benny Farm project, an urban, landscape and architectural design that won the prestigious Holcim Foundation Gold Award as the most sustainable project in North America in 2006, as well as the Holcim Foundation Bronze Award for the most sustainable project in the world the following year. Sudhir designed the master plan for Camp Kanawana in 2005-6, designed the first structural, insulated rammed earth house in Quebec in 2007, and led design of living systems for the Petit Rivière Master Plan from 2008-2012. Competition teams shortlisted in the last four years include the NDG Cultural Centre, the Saint-Laurent Sports Complex, the Pierrefonds Library, and the Montreal Biodome). Sudhir’s ongoing projects include an urban sector revitalization plan for OMHM in VSMPE, the new NDG Cultural Centre at the Benny Farm, and Agropolis – a project fusing urban agriculture with sustainable micro-housing in downtown Montreal.

Sudhir teaches sustainable architecture and urban design at Université de Montréal and is an innovator in design process for complex systems. He has been an accredited LEED professional since 2003 and regularly consults on projects with high – and unusual – ambitions at all scales.