Nick Larson

Nick Larson, MEPP, P.Eng, Project Manager, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

NickLarsonNick Larson is a civil engineer with a Master’s degree in Engineering and Public Policy.  His experience as a consulting engineer at R.V. Anderson has focused on assisting municipalities with a variety of infrastructure management initiatives, including the development of strategic asset management plans and tactical level assessments of  infrastructure systems.

His recent activities have been aimed at promoting the concepts of sustainable infrastructure and demonstrating the relationship between sound asset management practices and the long term sustainability (and resiliency!) of infrastructure systems. Nick is also actively involved with the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card through his position with the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.  The Report Card provides a factual representation of the current state of Canada’s municipal infrastructure.  It is used by organizations to advocate for changes to how our infrastructure systems, and the communities that they support, are planned, designed, funded, constructed and maintained.