Monika Mikhail

Monika Mikhail is a graduate researcher in Sustainability Management in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo. Her research focus includes improving building energy modelling and better understanding occupant needs to reduce HVAC energy use. She received her BASc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo where she founded the Chemical Engineering Buddy Program and the Student Energy chapter. Her co-op positions included various roles in continuous improvement engineering, quality assurance and manufacturing engineering at St Mary’s Cement, Magna, Bombardier and PepsiCo.


Can a net zero carbon and net zero energy building be delivered within the budgetary limitations of the commercial market in the southwest Ontario climate zone? evolv1 is proof that this can be done. evolv1 is the first building in Canada to achieve the CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building Standard: Design Certification. This presentation will detail the design process followed to arrive at the optimum solution within the budget-driven environment, and outline the architectural, mechanical, and electrical design features incorporated into the final building design. The presentation will conclude with a review of the operating energy usage and solar PV generation over the first few years of operation. Learning outcomes: The value of parametric modelling early in the design process The architectural solutions selected The engineering solutions selected Metered performance: building energy usage and solar PV energy generated