Mohamed Hage

Mohamed Hage, Lufa Farms

MohamedHageMohamed Hage is the Founder and CEO of Lufa Farms, a Montreal firm with a vision of sustainably feeding cities  worldwide. Mohamed is a young entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record of success and over 10 years of experience running software and real estate companies. He has a talent for inspiring passion in employees and an incredible knack for forging connections with experts from a diverse range of specialties. He conceived of Lufa Farms in the early 2000s based on his childhood experiences with agriculture and fresh produce in a village just outside of Beirut.

Mohamed and his team developed and operates the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse. By building on existing urban rooftops, no new land is used and produce is delivered to customers on the same day it’s harvested. This efficient, data-driven, and scalable system captures rainwater; recirculates 100% of irrigation water and nutrients, reduces energy use, composts green waste and uses biological controls instead of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

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