Mark Guslits

The Guslits Family

Mark Guslits is a graduate architect, development consultant, and developer who’s primary focus has been on the development of affordable housing along with market driven urban infill and larger mixed tenure and mixed income communities. He is currently Principal of Mark Guslits and Associates, a residential and community development, design, planning and consulting firm. As a practicing architect during the seventies and eighties, Mark worked in England and Canada designing residential communities along with institutional and recreational developments. He also taught architectural design and planning at Universities in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. Between 1988 and 1997, Mark became a partner in and Vice President in charge of Development at the Daniels Corporation, a large Toronto based residential real estate developer. He subsequently acted, for 4 years, as Special Advisor to the City of Toronto on affordable housing initiatives and has most recently spent 5 years as Chief Development Officer of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation where he was responsible for, among other major initiatives, the redevelopment of Regent Park in Toronto’s downtown east side.