Gord Miller

Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario


Gord Miller was first sworn in as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario on January 31, 2000, to oversee the continued implementation of the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR).  As an independent officer appointed by the Legislative Assembly, Commissioner Miller oversees 14 ministries and monitors and reports annually on: Government compliance with the provisions of the EBR; Government progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and Activities in Ontario to reduce the use or make more efficient use of electricity, natural gas, propane, oil and transportation fuels.

In 2010 he was re-appointed to his third five-year term as Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.


  • Prior to his appointment as Environmental Commissioner, Gord Miller worked for Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment for 14 years — as a scientist, Manager of Training and Development, and as District Manager of both Timmins and North Bay offices in north-eastern Ontario
  • Commissioner Miller has had extensive experience with environmental issues including approval and inspection activities, municipal sewage, drinking water, solid waste management, hazardous waste, noise, air pollution and land use planning
  • Commissioner Miller also has experience with environmental legislation in Ontario — both with enforcing existing legislation and drafting new regulations.
  • Commissioner Miller’s research findings have been presented both at major conferences and in academic journals.  His research includes the use of constructed wetlands for sewage treatment and the aquatic effects of acid precipitation.
  • Commissioner Miller received his BSc (Hon.) in Biology from the University of Guelph in 1976, and his M.Sc. in Plant Ecology in 1978.