Dave Ramslie

dave_ramslie-550x385Dave Ramslie, Principal, Integral Group

MSc, LEED AP  With over a decade of experience in the green building industry, Dave is a leader on urban sustainability issues and policy. He is widely regarded as one of the most innovative policy makers in the Pacific Northwest, due to his track record of delivering effective programs and building lasting partnerships. As a pragmatic problem solver and a highly engaging public speaker, Dave has presented his findings to a variety of audiences.

Dave has demonstrated his forward thinking nature through the execution of many significant local projects, including new environmental requirements for the 2013 Vancouver Building Code, the strategic development o the City of Vancouver’s Corporate Carbon Strategy and the development and authorization of the Green Buildings Rezoning Policy.

He has considerable experience in leading engineering and project management teams and providing consulting and project management services to improve the sustainability, livability and economic prosperity of cities. Dave demonstrates excellent analytic and strategic development skills, balanced with technical knowledge of land use planning and urban design, energy conservation and green building and renewable energy solutions.