Moving the marketplace is not a simple matter. It requires collaboration and the free exchange of information and best practices. Sustainable Buildings Canada has been selected to deliver educational and training programs in a broad range of areas including building codes, energy performance metrics and software, construction best practices, and curriculum development.

One of the most powerful methodologies to break down silos and maximize stakeholder participation in the development process is the integrated design workshop.

The concept is simple: convene all stakeholders who have an interest in the front end of the design process and the construction process, and facilitate a thorough exploration of all possible design options from all stakeholder perspectives.

The outcomes are powerful: over the course of the session, the options that best meet the needs of all stakeholders become apparent, and lead to optimal design criteria that will be delivered at lowest cost with maximum performance.


Simulation tools are the backbone of energy efficient design. The ability to model design changes and quantify their impact is invaluable. Sustainable Buildings Canada has worked closely with government and agencies to provide hands-on training for many energy performance simulation tools.

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