We are a hands-on organization, with a Board that includes professionals and practitioners in energy efficiency and sustainable development. Over the years we have worked with government and agencies to inform, shape, and assess market-driven policies to advance sustainable design in all sectors of the built environment.

We work with industry partners and stakeholders to create and deliver innovative pilot programs and related initiatives to advance the sustainability agenda. At our core is the commitment to integrated design as a primary tool to improve the design and operation of buildings and energy systems, to engage stakeholders, and to focus on enhancing sustainable outcomes at the community level.

SBC is a fee-for-service organization, with clients who rely on us help deliver education, training, and programming to achieve the sustainability objectives of their organizations.

Impartiality is a core value of our organization. We are “product and label neutral”. We promote and advocate best practices, and do not “sell” particular products or tools. We believe that the market should choose the tools that best achieve its objectives, as individual needs vary significantly. This leads to innovation and competition. We are well-versed with the major software tools and systems, and are constantly in search of new technologies, tools and systems both in Canada and internationally.

SBC is a proud founding member


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