Call for Papers: Deadline extended to October 20 2015

Twenty-five years ago, sustainable design was considered a vaguely interesting novelty in the building world. Today, it is a critical component in the future well being of the planet, and central to the design, construction and operation of the built environment. The recent past has seen sustainable design evolve in several related ways:

  • Transition from the theme of “doing less harm” to ”doing greater good”
  • Restoring and regenerating living systems
  • Bringing resiliency to the new climate realities
  • Integrating buildings into the larger context of communities and districts

The list above implies a complex set of parameters, challenges and opportunities. Future development will be called upon to address all of them in an integrated way. With those parameters in mind, we are pleased to issue this call for scientific papers and workshop proposals in the following streams:

  • Systems-thinking approaches, strategies and frameworks – e.g. district systems, integrated design process (IDP), integrated project delivery (IPD), cascading resources, etc.
  • Renovating and repurposing – existing buildings, clusters and infrastructure
  • Designing in a Cyclical Ecosystem – from materials to new technologies to cities
  • Efficiency and self-sufficiency - conservation, measurement and performance in everything from resources to cities
  • Density challenges/opportunities accommodating population growth in a finite world

Contributions can be for any of the following project stages:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Resources and Infrastructure
  • Construction and Materials
  • Operation and Management