20 Facts About SBC

We run integrated design workshops

With over 600 workshops hosted in 4 provinces, you could say we've made a difference!

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We share industry information

SBC members have presented at more than 100 events, conferences (including to local HBAs) in the last 20 years.

We create jobs

Our programs leverage on average 50 green building industry full time jobs per year

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We curate a network of Sustainable Buildings Subject Matter Experts

SBC relies on a large roster of experts through our program delivery efforts. These experts represent a full range of competencies and experience and SBC is grateful for their involvement and support.

We provide networking opportunities

We've connected more than 5000 attendees, sponosors, and industry experts at our annual Green Building Festival. Watch An Interview From The GBF22 Here

We provide unique opportunities for students

We support MITACs research, annually host the BBBC, and provide three $1,000 scholarships to deserving students every year!

We advise across a multitude of sectors

We provide independent expertise on a wide variety of building typologies, related disciplnes and activities SBC is excited to be delivering the integrated design portion of this great new program from the City of Toronto!
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We develop training programs

Including for Code compliance, energy modelling and green design, air tightness testing (just to name a few!) Interested in Air Tightness testing?
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We educate and advise on building code development and implementation

Through Codes officials training and the development of related tools such as COMPASS & Saving By Design
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We fund and publish research through our white paper series

Approximately 20 papers funded to date The papers tackle a wide variety of topic areas including technology assessments, energy modelling advancements, design considerations and policy issues.
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We host the annual Green Building Festival

The 2024 Green Building festival will be held in conjunction with the SDEWES conference, happening in June of 2024! Learn more about the annual festival below!

We are an organization dedicated to continuous learning and sharing

Sharing industry news and keeping up-to-date with all that is happening in the green building sector has always been a priority.
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We are a mid-size, volunteer, not for profit NGO founded in 2003

For 20 years, we have been delivering integrated design workshop and training sessions to help the building industry create more comprehensive, robust, and environmentally sustainable designs.
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We inspire our stakeholders to do great work

We could tell you all about the impact we have had in the green building space over the last two decades, but we think it’s more meaningful to hear it from others!
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We provide sector support to a multitude of stakeholders

From Boot Camps, Webinars, Green Building Festivals, and sponsorship opportunities, our reach is far and wide.
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We provide unbiased advice

We focus on solutions that are evidence based, independent and brand neutral.
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We Support Students

Every year, we give three deserving students a bursary to help them on their educational journey.
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We Start Conversations With Industry Experts

Listening is the key to learning, and that's why we began our Podcast in 2022. Hear from industry experts from a wide variety of specialties.
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We Know The Power of Benchmarking and Reporting Tools

We create and promote benchmarking and reporting tools for the built environment
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We Want to Work With You!

The last two decades have been a blast, let's see what else we can do!
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