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Quantifying Building Performance in Nine High-Performance Single-Family Houses in Ontario, Canada

In 2021, SBC funded a research project focusing on identifying the performance gap between predicted and actual results including energy and water savings for a sample of high-performance single-family homes. Residential buildings have a significant impact on human health and the environment. High performance buildings aim to minimize this impact; however, research has shown that considerable performance gaps between predicted and measured building performance can exist. Evaluations of high-performance single-family residential buildings are rarely conducted and lack a consistent methodology. This study tested a method of holistic single-family residential building performance evaluation. The methods used included an investigation of energy use, water use, and indoor environmental quality. Energy models, engineering drawings, utility data, in-situ testing, and occupant interviews were used to investigate energy use, water use, and indoor environmental quality of nine high-performance houses in Southern Ontario.

Authored by Laura Goetz, Ryerson University MASc Candidate.