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Opportunities for Building-Integrated Low Impact Development

In Ontario, judicious use of rainwater is being driven by stormwater management targets rather than drought conditions. In 2016 the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) published a review of stormwater volume control targets from other jurisdictions and a report of geospatial statistics. This second report established the 90th percentile rainfall volume control target for all regions across Ontario. At the time of writing, the Ministry is considering comments on a document which proposed what should be done with this volume of water. Alternatives include that every property owner completely retain the rainwater without discharging it to a sewer, or that each property owner should treat the water to remove contaminants and slow the flow to sewers, reducing the risk of flooding. This paper explores a range of building integrated low impact development strategies including blue roofs, green roofs, planters, absorbent surfaces, rainwater harvesting, and combined systems, while also contextualizing by region and best practice.

Authored by Jen Hill