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Leading from the Future: Pathways for Resilience in Ontario

With primary authorship by Chris Chopik, this report sets forth from the basis that, across the globe, real estate is being impacted by climate change. Ontario, Canada is no exception. Ontario has suffered significant catastrophic event impacts to public, private and
institutional property due to a measurable increase in climate ‘weirding’ events. The impacts to devaluation and loss of use are significant. Climate-risk affects loss of property use and property devaluation across asset classes. The property owner has the most to lose when individual asset (home) value losses coupled with community and neighbourhood level quality
of life impacts result in repetitional stigma. The loss impacts are compounded by loss of regional economic productivity and significant recovery costs (Chopik, 2019).

Authored by Chris Chopik, Jenny Whyte, Renuka Parashar & Michi Komori