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Measuring Up to Global Warming

In this study undertaken by EQ Building Performance, an energy modeling analysis was undertaken to determine a list of design measure that could be implemented to achieve performance levels of 25%, 50% and 60% better than the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2017 reference design. This report f

This report provides guidance to MURB developers on geothermal heating and cooling systems including energy and cost analysis, case study, and system development processes. Common barriers to entry are reviewed and described with the purpose of enabling a greater understanding of the potential challenges.

Energy modelling of an archetype multi-unit residential building demonstrates the energy and carbon benefits of geothermal systems as well as the cost savings when compared to a traditional 2-pipe fan-coil HVAC system. The analysis shows a 33% reduction in energy consumption, 47% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, and 10% annual energy cost savings.

Authored by Jenny McMinn, Michael Mousa & Ross Ferris