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Energy Star for Multi Family

Sustainable Buildings Canada undertook to provide an evaluation for multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) using the new ENERGY STAR for Multi-family Buildings (ESMFB) and the Toronto Green Standard Version III (TGSIII), compared to the current Building Code requirements for energy efficiency. Funding support was provided by Enbridge Gas Distribution and EnergyQuality Corporation. This report presents the results for ESMFB analysis, for which a description of the methodology including potential energy savings measures that would accommodate energy performance threshold of 15% and 20% better than Code (consistent with the proposed ESMFB performance requirements). SBC provided three recently designed MURBs that met the current Building Code, a 6 storey low-rise, a 10 storey mid-rise, and a 20 storey high rise. Energy models were developed for each building, the low-rise and mid-rise by EQ Building Performance, and the high-rise by RWDI Consultants. Models were developed for both energy code options offered in Supplementary Standard SB-10 (2017). The energy modellers then prepared list of energy conservation measures that would deliver an energy efficiency of 15%, and 20%, over SB-10 (2017). These results were compared to the energy efficiency of the Proposed Designs that just met SB-10 (2017). In addition, SBC’s cost consultant proved a detailed review of the additional costs required to meet the 15% and 20% improvement targets.