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Achieving Sustainable Development with Digital Twin Virtualization

The arrival of information technologies has fundamentally transformed the life of every human since its inception. Trillions-dollar industries have been built on top of the advancements. Unfortunately, the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operation (AECO) industry is the slowest adopter amongst the pack.

At the forefront of the digital revolution resides the virtualization movement, which aims to construct a virtual replica of the physical world in the digital space – a Digital Twin (DT). The DT concept is far beyond static 3D models or data collection. The core of DT is to harvest insights from diverse data types with Artificial Intelligent (AI) tools. The insights generated by DT would then help us manage its physical counterpart for optimized performance. The AECO industry has started developing DT capabilities in the form of Building Information Modeling (BIM), which mostly remains in the first level of descriptive DT. There is still quite a long way from the second level of informative DT.

Authored by Yusong (Bill) Tang