Where Are They Now? 2020 Bursary Awardee: Suzana

Since 2016, Sustainable Buildings Canada has been supporting 3 deserving students per year in the pursuit of their educational goals through a $1,000 dollar bursary. We will be catching up with some of our past Bursary Awardee’s in the coming weeks.

In 2020, Suzana Espindola was one of the deserving students who received a bursary.

What is Suzana up to now?

“My Ph.D. research focused on addressing the construction industry’s challenges in engaging in sustainable development. The study introduces two comprehensive documents that detail the scope of sustainable development and how to implement it in practice:

  1. The 100 Sustainable Development Indices (The 100 SDI) – is a consolidation of sustainability targets from 13 noteworthy standards that span environmental, social and economic domains. The merger resulted in a set of sustainability targets for the building construction industry and their contribution to the SDGs. The 100 SDI helps the organization identify the scope for managing and reporting the construction industry impact on the SDGs.
  2. The Sustainable Development Management Body of Knowledge (SDMBOK)- is a framework detailing the implementation at the strategic and tactical levels for sustainable development. The framework is based on models from the literature and best practices from across the industry. The SDMBOK is founded on proven methods, familiar to industry leaders in form but innovative in content. It also introduces templates to help organizations to implement the framework at the strategic level.”

Read Suzana’s full dissertation: A framework for sustainable development management in the construction industry