Webinar Alert: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): Phases and Tools Used to Execute IPD

This workshop will focus on the phases of IPD (validation, design and construction) – the deliverables within each phase and what are the tools used to get there. The session will start with a short sprint on IPD basics and will then dive more into specifics around execution.

Jen Hancock

The presenter is Jen Hancock, Vice President of Collaborative Construction at Chandos. Jen has worked for Chandos for the last 13 years and has helped lead may of the company’s innovative practices in that time. She works primarily as a coach, facilitator and trainer for project teams with a focus on IPD and, collaborative construction practices. She worked on some of the first IPD projects in Canada and has been a key champion in bringing IPD across the country from BC to Ontario. She oversees Lean integration and training; and was instrumental in setting up and managing the waste diversion policy in 2010 that has seen the company divert over 75% of its waste in the last 9 years. Jen is also on the board of directors and is committee chair with the Integrated Project Delivery Alliance and is on the board of directors for the Edmonton Construction Association.

Jen attended the University of Alberta and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Bachelor of Education Degree. She taught in both Edmonton and Seoul, South Korea; and, she uses this training extensively in her current role. Jen has lived in Edmonton for the last 25 years and loves being part of the design and construction industry. She has a passion to learn, educate and improve the industry.