2009 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

H.R. (Bob) Bach

BobBachBob Bach is a Senior Associate with Energy Profiles Limited and brings decades of experience in the areas of energy management, codes and standards, and program development to his ongoing effort to build capacity for Green Building and the integrated design process. To this end Bob has facilitated numerous sustainable design workshops and charrettes over the years for clients including Enbridge Gas Distribution, Union Gas, Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC), and Nova Scotia Department of Energy. Bob is a founding and current director and treasurer of SBC, a Canadian representative of iiSBE, past president of the Toronto Chapter of ASHRAE, and was a director and Chairman of the Contractor’s Division of the Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada.

Michael Hough

MichaelHoughTrained as an architect and landscape architect, Michael has bridged several professional disciplines to bring a new view to urban design and site planning. He has tirelessly mentored staff for 40 years within his consulting practice, students within various academic programs where he has taught, and through community efforts and volunteer leadership. Over the years, he led a movement of design thinking that has evolved into a foundation for today’s urban agenda for healthier built communities and natural systems. In addition to his writings, and award winning research, Michael has left a legacy of landmark design projects which form anchors in the urban environment at Scarborough College, Ontario Place, Major Hill’s Park – Ceremonial Route (Ottawa), and many others here and abroad.

Neil Munro

NeilMunroWith over thirty years of professional architectural experience, Neil Munro has a diverse portfolio of work and project experience working with government agencies, residential, institutional, commercial and urban planning clients. Neil has developed sustainable design policy for his firm, authored papers and has given public lectures on ecological and environmental design issues. Raising awareness and promoting an environmental agenda within the architectural community has been an ongoing commitment. Recently, Neil served on the inaugural Board of Directors of the Canada Green Building Council as one of two representatives of the architectural profession.

His current activities include advising construction trade associations on environment and sustainability measures in the belief that the entire construction industry is interested in making meaningful and permanent environmental improvements in construction and procurement practices.

SBC is a proud founding member


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