2006 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Marion Fraser

MarionFraserMarion is a recognized authority on the energy sector, its recent evolution and future challenges. She held a range of marketing and program management positions at Ontario Hydro and Enbridge Gas Distribution, where she earned international profile in design and performance of conservation programming. Marion served as Senior Policy Advisor to Ontario’s Energy Minister from 2003-2008. During this time the major planks of the province’s conservation platform were created, including aggressive targets for conservation and renewable energy, smart metering, and the Energy Conservation Leadership Act, world-leading legislation which sets requirements for planning and reporting across the province’s broader public sector. Marion has also worked extensively in the private sector, helping business corporations develop energy efficiency goals and strategies.

Charles Simon

CharlesSimonCharles Simon has been a practicing architect and planner in Canada since 1967. He is the only practicing architect/planner to have been granted an honorary membership in the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects. In 1970 he founded a private practice. He has been widely recognized for his work in energy efficient building, environmentally sensitive site planning and resource efficient planning. Various organizations in Canada, the United States, England, Germany, former Yugoslavia and Hungary have asked him to speak about architectural and planning solutions in these areas. He has extensive university teaching experience in three countries in the fields of landscape architecture, architecture and town planning.

Nils Larsson

NilsLarssonNils is an architect with long experience in research and development related to both residential and commercial building sectors. Nils Larsson (NL) is Executive Director of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE), an international non-profit organization whose aim is to advance the cause of sustainable building and construction around the world. He was born in Sweden, but now holds both Swedish and Canadian citizenship. During the 1990′s, he developed and managed a demonstration program for high-performance buildings in Canada. He is also the main organizer of Sustainable Building Challenge (SBC), an international project to develop and test new methods of assessing the environmental performance of buildings.

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