Savings by Design (SBD) – Part 3 BuildingsEnergy Modelling Guide – 2020

The Enbridge Savings by Design (SBD) program as delivered by Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC)
includes an integrated design process (IDP) component to help builders improve energy and
environmental performance in their new construction projects. The program is offered to commercial,
multi-unit residential and affordable housing projects falling under Part 3 of the OBC. The program may
also be applied for Part 10/11 or similar major retrofit programs as determined by Enbridge. Enbridge
offers the SBD program under 2 separate initiatives – SBD Commercial (SBD-Comm) and SBD Affordable
Housing (SBD-AH) where the primary distinction is the nature of the incentives provided to the
proponent. The energy modelling requirements are the same for each.
For the SBD-Comm program, qualifying projects must be located within the Enbridge service area, are
required to have a minimum floor area of 50,000 ft², must comply with Ontario Building Code (OBC)
Supplementary Standard SB-10, and be intended for commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-family
residential occupancy. Note that Enbridge will make exceptions to the 50,000 ft2 requirement on a case
by case basis. Projects are further required to use natural gas in the final design. The SBD-AH program
does not have a minimum size requirement but does require the use of natural gas in the final design.
The program includes a 1-day design workshop where builder teams and subject matter experts (SMEs)
collaborate on ways to improve the energy and environmental performance of the proposed building.
Energy modelling is used to demonstrate and estimate the energy performance potential for various
design and equipment improvements. Follow-on incentive funding is available for projects designed
and built to meet an annual energy performance level consistent with the requirements of the SBD-
Comm and SBD-AH programs.1 Details on those incentives can be found here:
Commercial, Institutional, MURBs:
Affordable Housing: