The Nexus Between Buildings and Infrastructure

Toronto June 18th 2024

2024 Green Building Festival

The next Green Building Festival will take place on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, and will feature both keynote speakers and panel sessions. For 17 years, Green Building Festival (GBF) programming has showcased the most inspiring forces driving sustainable and resilient buildings and cities, grounded in credible research and proven projects. In the run-up to the next Green Building Festival, we will be hosting a number of events and activities related to the topic of the nexus between buildings and infrastructure. Sign for our newsletter to ensure you are updated on everything involving GBFest 2024.

The Green Building Festival is one of the building industry’s ‘must attend’ events. It attracts a cross-population of senior-level building industry professionals from architects and engineers to utility companies, government policymakers, and leading academics.

We look forward to welcoming you at the next Green Building Festival! 

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Key Note Speakers

Mark Z. Jacobson

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mark Z. Jacobson is Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Woods Institute for the Environment and of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Doris Österreicher

Architect and Lecturer, University of Vienna

Doris Österreicher is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) at the Institute of Spatial Planning.

Brian Vad Mathiesen

Professor at Aalborg University

Professor Brian Vad Mathiesen holds a PhD in fuel cells and electrolysers in future energy systems (2008). His research focuses on technological and socioeconomic transitions to renewables, energy storage, large-scale renewable energy integration and the design of 100% renewable energy systems. He is one of the leading researchers behind the concepts of Smart Energy Systems and electrofuels.

Dr. Andrea Kraj

CEO | Microgrid & Energy Transition Advisor | TEDx Speaker | Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Andrea Kraj is CEO and President of the CORE Renewable Energy. She completed her Ph.D, M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Engineering and is a pioneering leader in developing advanced energy systems for the built environment.

Panel #1 - 9:30am

Moderated by Julia McNally

Julia McNally is the Director of Climate Action at Toronto Hydro. In this role, Julia leads a team focused on helping Toronto Hydro’s customers to decarbonize.


Dennis Fotinos

Founder & CEO at Noventa Energy Partners

Cory Fry

Sales Director – Sustainable Buildings Envelopes Mitrex Solar BIPV


Building Electrification And Integrated Renewable Energy

The pathway for de-carbonizing any existing building leads to electrification. Everything from replacing conventional gas boilers with electric heat pumps to integrating smart building features and installing electric car charging stations. But how does the provincial grid and local electricity distributors meet the spike in demand for electricity? What is the role of renewable and green energy and what promises do new building technologies hold? What is the projected ROI for implementing building optimization solutions? These questions and more with be explored during this engaging panel discussion

Panel #2 - 11:25am

To Be Announced


Chris Buligan

General Manager At Enlightened Clean Energy

AI, Automation and Storage – Linking Buildings To Infrastructure

Buildings have the potential to be part of the energy supply solution.  Using A.I., and smart technologies, the building stock can simultaneously demand and supply energy.  When combined with novel energy storage systems, unique energy demand can be matched with unique energy supply.  This panel will explore new leading edge and disruptive solutions that will truly allow energy to flow both ways to and from the grid and to and from buildings and infrastructure.

Panel #3 - 2:15pm

Moderated by Aditya (Adi) Bhujle

Adi, the current Director of District Energy at Urban Equation, possesses over a decade of experience in engineering and business, focusing on projects at the intersection of district energy, environmental, water, and infrastructure sectors, emphasizing low-carbon and water management technologies as well as renewable and sustainable solutions.


Dan Leeming

Founding partner and a Special Advisor of the Planning Partnership

Graham Seaman

Director, Sustainability & Asset Management At City Of Markham

Community Energy Integrated Design Process – Breaking Down Silos

Buildings have traditionally been designed as stand-alone entities with unitary HVAC systems and community design practices, coupled with municipal right of way bylaws, long development time lines and a siloed approach to infrastructure design have led to limited uptake of community energy systems.  The integrated design process approach and building as a system design philosophy has led to major improvements in building performance by breaking down the linear design approach and design professional silos.  How do we apply an integrated design approach across developers, planners, municipalities and communities to encourage and enable community energy systems that take advantage of efficiencies and emissions reductions only available through aggregated, optimized energy supply and demand.

Panel #4 - 4:00pm

To Be Announced


Diego Mandelbaum

Senior Vice President of Development at Creative Energy

John Rathbone

President at Rathco ENG 

Patrick Darby

Energy & Carbon Team Manager &  Partner, Walter Fedy

Community Energy Best Practices – Canadian Examples

Community energy systems, commonly established in various regions, are now emerging in Canada beyond conventional campus-based central systems. They are integrating into the evolving landscape of smart cities. Utilizing inventive ownership methods and financial models to manage risks, these systems are gradually being implemented in both new development areas and within established urban spaces. This discussion will explore the recent initiatives taking place in Canada.

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