Why Many of Canada’s Commercial Buildings are Set for a Green Retrofit

When it comes to energy efficiency, most commercial buildings in Canada’s largest cities are behind the curve. In fact, many of these structures in Vancouver and Toronto predate modern building codes. However, according to Mike Singleton, Executive Director of Sustainable Buildings Canada, gradual — and economic — retrofits can make a world of difference, as well as augment a building’s value.

Sustainable Buildings Canada calls on industry to accelerate

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Toronto April 22, 2022. According to Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) there has never been a
better time for building owners and operators to invest in improving their aging building
infrastructure. The non-profit organization points to numerous government incentives and
commitments recently outlined in the 2022 federal budget as reasons to act now. In addition,
rising energy costs and increased climate events have made the case for investing now in our
aging buildings even more urgent.

Green Building Festival – 2021

Sustainability, regeneration and resilience have given the building community many ways to think about and react to the longer wave of climate change. But if climate change is like a tumultuous tide, COVID-19 is like a quick, fierce tsunami. It foreshadows the acceleration of change that we will be facing and reminds us: we need […]

SBC Webinar: Laneway, ADU & Tiny Home Residences

Laneway houses and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are increasingly popular building forms to address the need for densification and increasing the availability of housing in urban areas. Simultaneously, tiny houses are being incorporated into the mainstream building lexicon and being touted as a strategy to increase affordable housing availability. As these building forms become incorporated into planning policies, there are significant challenges and opportunities faced by property owners, builders, planners and other municipal officials.