SBC Product Knowledge Webinar: SageGlass & SHARC

Sustainable Buildings Canada invites you to a recurring series of webinars highlighting products that will help reduce energy and water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. Our next product knowledge webinar will feature 2 presentations: New fenestration products including electrochromic glass; and, wastewater heat recovery for hot water pre-heating, two technologies that are starting to be specified in high-performance buildings.

Please join us on April 20th at 11:00 AM for presentations from Jordan Doria of SageGlass/Saint Gobain, Connor Dacquay of Geoptimize, and Graham Coote of HTS .

SageGlass products dynamically change tint in response to the sun to provide unobstructed outdoor views and enhanced occupant comfort. The products provide exceptional control of daylight, glare and energy use without the need for traditional solutions, like blinds, shades or low-e glass. Jordan will be joined by Connor to describe a project utilizing both electrochromic glass and geothermal energy. White paper available here.

The SHARC wastewater energy recovery system extracts & transfers heat to/from wastewater to supplement your heating & cooling needs. Pre-heating the water fed into a hot water tank/boiler saves a tremendous amount of energy, money & GHG emissions.