SBC Product Knowledge Webinar: Artificial Intelligence for Building Management Systems

Sustainable Buildings Canada invites you to a recurring series of webinars highlighting products that will help reduce energy and water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. This product knowledge an artificial intelligence system for integration with building management/automation systems.

Please join us on July 6th at 1:00 PM (EDT) for a presentation from Jennie King of EcoPilot.

Artificial Intelligence for optimized control of automation systems has arrived in North America and is proving to reduce energy consumption by 20-40% by taking advantage of a buildings’ free energy.  These results are achieved by letting the building’s technical installations work with the laws of nature to store the free heat and cold that would otherwise have been “discarded”.  These software solutions interface to almost any existing building management system and work with the building’s inertia to significantly reduce energy consumption in real-time.  

This session will take viewers on a virtual tour of an active building (a BOMA Best, Gold Certified Building) that is utilizing a dynamic AI system to harness a building’s thermodynamic functions to reduce energy consumption and even create a more balanced internal climate.  The tour will address research history and principles behind thermal inertia, traditional control systems versus dynamically controlled systems, benefits of partitioning a building into zones, time constants, weather influence and other known heat loads, and how all of these attributes contribute to reducing energy consumption by effectively controlling a property that already has “intelligence” built right into the building fabric.   Participants will leave the session asking how much free energy is stored in their building.