Savings By Design Webinar Series

The Enbridge Savings by Design programs went virtual in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic response measures. During this time, Enbridge identified the need for primer webinars on common SBD program topics and allow potential participants an opportunity to get a look into the type of questions that can be answered through the Integrated Design Process. Sustainable Buildings Canada developed a series of webinars addressing topics including Energy Modelling, Air Tightness, Low Impact Development and how to approach Deep Energy Retrofits. Each of the webinars includes a short video addressing the most common questions and a live question and answer period with subject matter experts. Future webinars will be posted here and recordings can also be found on the SBC YouTube channel.

In 2020, five webinars will be delivered. Check out the first three below:

  • Energy Modelling : This webinar reviews the processes of energy modelling, the benefits it can provide to developers and designers, and how it can support good decision-making.
  • Deep Energy Retrofits : This webinar addresses existing buildings. The focus is on differences between conventional retrofits, which upgrade one building element at a time, and deep energy retrofits, which involves an evaluation of the interrelated performance of all building elements.
  • Low Impact Development including storm water management and green roofs! This 1 hour webinar focused on Storm Water Management and low impact development.  Specific topics covered include policy trends affecting SWM in Ontario, how developers can address upcoming regulations and how best to integrate low impact development practices.

The remaining two webinars are not something you want to miss:

November 16th 2020: REGISTER HERE

This webinar will feature 3 presenters and will provide a holistic understanding of air tightness in high performance buildings with leading experts in enclosure systems, mechanical design, and indoor environmental quality. The presentation will include discussion of common sources of air leakage and the effects of these leaks on energy efficiency, structural durability, and human occupants. The focus of this session is on tall multi-unit residential buildings, but air tightness is important for all buildings and the knowledge transcends building type.

Questions that will be answered in this webinar:

  • Why is air leakage bad for buildings and building occupants?
  • How and where does untreated air enter buildings?
  • What can we do to minimize uncontrolled air flow through buildings?
  • What is air tightness testing and how is it done?
  • What are the benefits of having an airtight building?

Presenters are: Rand van Straaten, RDH Building Science, Cara Sloat, Reinbold Engineering, Bettina Hoar, Sage Living

November 17th 2020: REGISTER HERE

This webinar will take a deeper dive into the building science of high performance envelopes and related air tightness issues.  Subject matter expert Scott Armstrong from WSP will describe the principles and requirements for designing/constructing a high performance envelope in a Part 3 commercial building and showcase a number of examples.  Issues covered include:

  • Durability and resilience
  • Materials
  • Constructibility
  • Cost
  • Testing, verification and commissioning

The session will also examine air tightness testing requirements and include field results for specific project.