Circular Economy in the Built Environment Session

2023-05-11 13:00:00

Delivered by The University of Sheffield and Toronto Metropolitan University, this session will give an overview of  circular economy practice within the UK and Canada. In addition to characterizing existing policy landscapes, speakers will present ongoing research and suggest potential future directions to enhance circularity within the built environment.

The session will also include an in-depth look at ‘Regenerate’, a circular economy design tool developed by The University of Sheffield and widely used in the UK, and consider its transferability to Canada through investigation of a number of case study projects.


Steph Tzanis studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto and has just completed their MASc in Building Science at Toronto Metropolitan University. Their wide range of professional and academic experiences, along with their passion for environmental sustainability, has brought them to the built environment. Under the supervision of Dr. Mark Gorgolewski, Steph’s research is focused on design for disassembly and determining how to attain widespread circular design practices in Ontario/Canada.

Dr. Charles Gillott researches circular economy in the built environment at The University of Sheffield, England. His work addresses multiple aspects of circularity across various spatial scales, including the reuse of buildings, components, and materials at the neighbourhood, city, and national level. Charles is currently working with Toronto Metropolitan University to better understand circular economy policy and its influence on construction-sector practice in different international contexts