Better Buildings Boot Camp

2022-08-22 08:00:00


How a building is designed, built, maintained, operated and used can have significant financial, environmental and social impact. In order to affect real change, a holistic and integrated understanding of and approach to the built environment is required, including multiple stakeholders.  That’s why SBC created the “Better Buildings Boot Camp” to bring together graduate and diploma students to learn how they can take responsibility for better buildings in the future. 

This program was created with input from sustainable building subject matter experts and faculty from George Brown College, Seneca College, University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University and York University.  The BBBC continues to expand its reach, bringing in new institutions each year, offering even more opportunities for student participation


The goal is to include students from a variety of backgrounds, institutions and fields of study, including but not limited to architecture, design, engineering, building science, and environment as well as business, social sciences, liberal arts, construction, etc.  All disciplines are welcome since we will all live and work in buildings and therefore have something to contribute.