Sustainable Built Environment Conference of the Americas

September 19 & 20, Toronto, Canada

Workshops at SBE16Toronto: pragmatic, real world installations

Take part in dynamic presentations that are focused on pragmatic, real world experiences and installations, including a high level of detail at the case study level.

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Tenant Engagement Workshop | Active Energy Management Action Plan + Tenant Engagement = Measurably Improved Bottom Line

Monday Sept 19, 1:45 - 3:00 PM
In order to achieve efficiency in the commercial sector, tenants need to be engaged, through behavioural change, to learn techniques and strategies which give them the confidence and independence to reach their energy efficiency goals. While substantial reductions are achievable, an Energy Master Plan (EMP) is required to incorporate the vision, the investment and the people needed to drive the effort to achieve sustainable results. Scott Rouse will focus on the benefits of a company having an EMP. In order to achieve the desired results and objectives, tenant engagement is key. This will lead on to Chantal Sylvestre’s presentation on managing behavioural change through tenant engagement.

Scott Rouse, P. Eng., MBA, CEM, CSDP, Managing Partner, Energy@Work Inc.
Chantal Sylvestre, SEBT, LEED Green Associate, Energy Analyst, Energy@Work Inc.

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Resilient Communities Workshop: Triple Bottom Lines - How Do They Really Stack Up?

Monday Sept 19, 1:45 - 3:00 PM
Lessons learned from various perspectives: developer, community and consultation team on how triple bottom line thinking lead Dockside Green to become a Clinton Climate Positive Community and has Zibi on track to be one of the most sustainable communities in the world.

Complex, innovative community-wide infrastructure requires extensive community consultation, stakeholder alignment and an investment analysis that properly evaluates the potential return. Both communities explored leading green concepts such as on-site renewable energy sources, on-site wastewater treatment, recycled water systems, micro-utility investment and management and the highest levels of green certification, including LEED Platinum and One Planet Living. During this workshop panel members will talk openly about challenges and the opportunities realized.

Workshop Presenters:
Alex Spiegel, Windmill Developments
Jenny McMinn, BuildGreen Solutions
Scott Bentley, Director of Infrastructure, Zibi
Moderator: Peter Halsall, President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute

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Workshop - Predicted vs Actual Energy Performance

Monday Sept 19, 3:30 - 5:00 PM
iiSBE Canada is hosting this panel workshop which examines the technical, professional, and financial issues and perspectives associated with the energy performance of a building as predicted by energy modeling versus the actual documented performance. In addition to being a consideration within the larger discussion of Building Performance Evaluation (BPE), predicted vs. actual energy performance has emerged as a standalone topic which has recently garnered considerable attention within the building industry. The workshop panel will be comprised of prominent practitioners from the energy modeling, building design, building management, and regulatory sectors. The workshop format will consist of presentations by panelists regarding their views on this issue followed by pre-determined questions from the moderator as well as questions from the audience.

Workshop Presenters:
Bob Bach, P. Eng., iiSBE Canada, Energy Profiles - Moderator
Christopher Jones, P. Eng., RWDI (Energy Modeling)
Craig McIntyre, P. Eng., Provident Energy Management Inc. (Energy Modeling)
Michelle Xuereb, Quadrangle Architects Ltd. (Architect/Designer)
Liviu Craiu-Botan, P. Eng., Oxford Properties Group (Building Owner/Manager)
David Ramslie, Integral Group (Regulatory)

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Workshop - Tall Wood Workshop | Six Storey Wood Buildings in Ontario

Tuesday Sept 20, 8:30 - 9:45AM
A panel of industry professionals outline principal benefits and concerns related to tall wood-frame construction. This workshop addresses unexplored aspects of tall timber framing with a focus on environmental considerations, community and design, social impacts, and energy performance. Questions largely unanswered in Ontario including overall costs compared to conventional building methods, and how tall wood-frame construction relates to the evolution of building codes, will be discussed. Main topics may include costs, building codes, building science, environmental impacts.

David Petersen, Principal, OutsideIn Design & Build
Alex Lukachko, Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist, RDH Building Science Inc.
David Moses, Principal, Moses Structural Engineers Inc.
Rick Roos, Project Manager - Fire and Acoustics, ROXUL Inc.

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Workshop - Pittsburgh 2030 District and the 2030 District Network: Inspiring Communities Towards 2030 Goals With Voluntary Performance Benchmarking

Tuesday Sept 20, 8:30 - 9:45 AM
With recent stalemates in government at the state and national level in the United States, cities are emerging as the leaders in innovative, adaptive initiatives that drive local economic vitality and the triple bottom line in the real estate sector. 2030 Districts serve as a model in more than 12 international cities, with new cities joining every year. With Pittsburgh 2030 District serving as an in-depth case study, join several District cities as they discuss their successes, challenges, and barriers toward achieving aggressive reduction goals in the built environment – influencing policies, partnerships, and business models along the way.

Workshop Presenters:
Jeff Ranson, Executive Director, Toronto 2030 District
Anna Siefken, Director, Pittsburgh 2030 District
Megan Saunders, Executive Director, Stamford 2030 District

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