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Keynote Presenters

Hear from policy-makers who are laying the foundations for green city-building, and the leading minds and practitioners in sustainable city planning, design, development and technologies.

Dr. Ray Cole

Director of the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability University of British Columbia

Regenerative Development: Reframing the Role of Buildings

The notion of regenerative development is gaining greater prominence as a more potent and comprehensive overarching framing for engaging environmental issues than currently provided by “green design.” Regenerative development promotes a coevolutionary, partnered relationship between sociocultural and ecological systems.

Professor Marc Swackhamer

University of Minnesota School of Architecture & College of Design

“Hypernatural: Architecture’s New Relationship with Nature”

Recent decades have witnessed the increasing popularity of nature-focused movements such as sustainability, biophilia, biomimicry, biodesign, and emergent design. These movements are dramatically altering the relationship between the designed environment and the natural world, and although overlaps exist, there is no common discourse that unites these areas of study.

Dr. Dianne Saxe

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

The Hon. Glen Murray

Minister of the Environment & Climate Change, Government of Ontario

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Plenary Sessions
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Interactive Plenary Sessions

Always a delegate favourite aspect of the Green Building Festival, these carefully curated plenary panels will provoke, educate, and inspire.

Plenary: “Plenary: What are the Realities of Building in the Age of Carbon Tax and Climate Change?”

Representatives from government, academia and the insurance industry set the context for the two days of programming by addressing the risks of climate change, the insurance issues, and the effect of carbon tax on buildings and portfolios.

Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo
Pamela Blais, Principal, Metropole Consultants
Alec Hay, Principal in Risk, Resilience & Security Planning, Southern Harbour
Alex Wood, Executive Director, Climate Change Directorate, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change


Plenary: “Energy and Thermal Innovations”

Presenting resilient alternatives to ‘business as usual’, this plenary discussion will address the latest developments in energy storage, Direct Current options for buildings that generate their own electricity, solar cooling and cooling with CO2 and more. Learn about regional solutions poised for international adaptation.

Jack Simpson, VP, Distribution, Toronto Hydro
Dr. Umberto Berardi, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, Ryerson University, Toronto
Steven Horwood, Vice President, Sales & Operations, Neelands Refrigeration Ltd.


Plenary: “Getting to the Next Level - ­A Road Map to Regenerative Buildings”

Across the globe, complacency is being rapidly replaced by a sense of urgency. The scale of the crisis we face demands more than incremental improvements in energy efficiency. However, the regenerative buildings with net positive energy and net zero carbon that we need now are exceptions to the rule. This session will look at successes and issues surrounding exceptional buildings including financing upgrades, innovative project management and delivery, and low energy use intensity behaviours in buildings.

Paula Baker-Laporte, FAIA, BBEC, Econest Architecture Inc.
Jen Hancock, BA, BEd, LEED AP BD + C, Director of Innovative Construction, CHANDOS
Shadi Aghaei, Vice ­President, Times Group Corp.


Plenary: “Urban Resilience -­ Community, Density and Ecosystems”

By the 2050’s, three out of four people will be living in cities. Simultaneously, we will need to manage rapid urban growth, reduce carbon, enhance natural systems and maintain resilient communities. This session brings together thought leaders who have addressed these challenges and point the way forward with real, practical, and innovative solutions.

Lloyd Alter, Adjunct Professor, Sustainable Design, Ryerson University; treehugger.com; The Guardian
Antonio Gómez-Palacio, Arq MES RPP MCIP MRAIC, Principal, Dialog
Gordon Harris, FCIP, President & CEO, SFU Community Trust
Craig Applegath, Architect, PPOAA, AIBC, FRAIC, LEED®AP, Founding Principal of DIALOG Toronto
Jeff Schnurr, Executive Director, Community Forests International


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Cutting edge research & technical presentations

Cutting edge research and technical presentations

Cutting edge research and technical presentations

A highlight of SBE conferences, critically reviewed research papers present concrete information from the leading edge of today’s most topical green building and infrastructure approaches.

Technical Paper Presentations

Selected by a peer-reviewed process, technical presentations include theoretical, academic and research-based content. Each session consists of 3 x 20 minute presentations including Q&A. Technical presentations have been organized and arranged into these pertinent and topical panels:

  • Energy Modelling and Metrics
  • Materials
  • Indoor Environment
  • Envelope and Energy
  • Urban Design
  • Community Building
  • Energy and CO2 Reduction
  • Occupant Behaviour


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Professional workshops

Explore advanced real-world solutions and exciting futuristic concepts intended to reverse the damage to our ecosystem.

Workshop - Active Energy Management Action Plan + Tenant Engagement = Measurably Improved Bottom Line

Tenants need to be engaged, through behavioural change, to learn techniques and strategies which give them the confidence and independence to reach their energy efficiency goals. An Energy Master Plan is required to incorporate the vision, the investment and the people needed to drive the effort to achieve sustainable results.

Workshop Presenters:
Scott Rouse, P. Eng., MBA, CEM, CSDP, Managing Partner, Energy@Work Inc.
Chantal Sylvestre, SEBT, LEED Green Associate, Energy Analyst, Energy@Work Inc.

Workshop - Triple bottom lines: How do they really stack up?

Lessons learned from various perspectives: hear from a developer, community and consultation team on how ‘triple bottom line thinking’ lead Dockside Green to become a Clinton Climate Positive Community, and has Zibi on track to be one of the most sustainable communities in the world.

Workshop Presenters:
Alex Spiegel, Windmill Developments
Jenny McMinn, BuildGreen Solutions
Jeff Westeinde, Windmill Developments
Moderator: Peter Halsall, President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute

Workshop - Energy Modeling: Predicted vs. Actual Performance

Prominent practitioners from the energy modeling, building design, building management, and regulatory sectors examine the technical, professional, and financial issues and perspectives associated with the energy performance of a building as predicted by energy modeling versus the actual documented performance.

Workshop Presenters:
Christopher Jones, P. Eng., RWDI
Craig McIntyre, P. Eng., Provident Energy Management Inc.
Michelle Xuereb, Quadrangle Architects Ltd.
Liviu Craiu-Botan, P. Eng., Oxford Properties Group
David Ramslie, Integral Group
Moderator: Bob Bach, P. Eng., iiSBE Canada, Energy Profiles

Workshop - Six Storey Wood Buildings in Ontario

A panel of industry professionals outline principal benefits and concerns related to tall wood-frame construction, addressing unexplored aspects of tall timber framing with a focus on environmental considerations, community and design, social impacts, and energy performance. Overall costs compared to conventional building methods, the evolution of building codes, and building science will be discussed.

David Petersen, Principal, OutsideIn Design & Build
Alex Lukachko, Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist, RDH Building Science Inc.
David Moses, Principal, Moses Structural Engineers Inc.
Rick Roos, Project Manager - Fire and Acoustics, ROXUL Inc.

Workshop - Pittsburgh 2030 District and the 2030 District Network: Inspiring Communities towards 2030 Goals with Voluntary Performance Benchmarking

With recent stalemates in government at the state and national level in the United States, cities are emerging as the leaders in innovative, adaptive initiatives that drive local economic vitality and the triple bottom line in the real estate sector. 2030 Districts serve as a model in more than 12 international cities, with new cities joining every year.

With Pittsburgh 2030 District serving as an in-depth case study, join four District cities as they discuss their successes, challenges, and barriers toward achieving aggressive reduction goals in the built environment – influencing policies, partnerships, and business models along the way.

Workshop Presenters:
Anna J. Siefken, LEED AP BD+C, Pittsburgh 2030 District Director, Green Building Alliance
Jeff Ranson, Executive Director, Toronto 2030 District
Megan Saunders, Director, Stamford 2030 District
Susan Wickwire, Director, Seattle 2030 District
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Keynote Presenters
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The Green Building Reception

Network with industry colleagues and get your green groove on at the Green Building Reception.

Featuring delicious food and refreshments, great music, a visual tour of Toronto’s street culture and an interactive ‘green carpet’, you won’t want to miss this networking celebration of green building and design hosted steps away from the main conference venue. Meet industry colleagues and get your green groove on! Buy your Green Building Reception tickets here …

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SBE16Toronto tours

Toronto has so much to offer in terms of green design, infrastructure and simply natural green space! Here's a walking city tour designed for you.

Whether all in one day, or over several, our curated walking tour showcases the city at its best, and allows you to experience a variety of history, nature, delicious food, art, and architecture, often simultaneously.

The SBE16Toronto tour features such famous buildings and landmarks as the Royal Ontario Museum, St. Lawrence Market, Nathan Phillips Square and more, each of which play a special role in Toronto’s cultural history.

Our tour showcases the local at its best, whether as sustainable produce and food, as famous, sustainably-built landmarks, or as celebrated cultural production and performance spaces that merge beauty, community, and creativity.

DOWNLOAD the SBE16 Highlights of Downtown Toronto Walking Tour map and information guide.

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