Better Buildings

Boot Camp

August 23–27, 2021

Applications are now closed, thank you to all who applied!

Program information

The BBBC provides a week-long online opportunity for students to learn about and participate in the integrated design and delivery process.

Pre-Boot Camp resources
  • Pre-recorded videos presenting the building and project team’s vision for the building.
  • BBBC 2021 online group: a learning community where students, faculty and professionals can provide introductions and engage in ongoing discussions.  
  • Online get to know you activities for students and yearly BBBC logo contest.
  • Instructions for the platforms used for the Boot Camp.
Monday, August 23 – WEDNESDAY, August 25 | 9 am to 3 pm (EST)
  • Daily short interactive warm-up and get-to-know you activities.
  • Daily live plenary webinars by professional and/or academic experts on topics related to the project building (i.e. indoor environmental quality, opaque and transparent building assemblies, mechanical systems, financing, operations and maintenance, etc.).
  • Daily live plenary and team activities related to the topics discussed. Teams may require additional time outside of camp to prepare their Friday presentations.
  • Daily “coffee shop” time for students and professionals to meet informally.
  • Daily lunch break (12-12:30 PM EST).
THURSDAY, August 26 | 9 am to 3 pm (EST)
  • Students will observe the live, online interactive webinar of the actual professional workshop of the deep retrofit building.
  • After the workshop, students will be invited to participate in a live, online feedback session with the project team.
FRIDAY, August 27 | 9 am to 3 pm (EST)
  • Plenary keynote speakers, live online.
  • Student Team Presentations of recommendations to project team.
  • Shift & share: students invited to present their areas of expertise and interest
  • Closing presentation of Certificates of Completion and tickets to Green Building Festival.

Better Building Boot Camp

August 23-27, 2021

The Boot Camp is open to graduate program or diploma students from Canadian universities and colleges.  We encourage students from any and all disciplines to apply!

Space is limited. The program is FREE.  Applications are now closed.  Thank you for your interest.

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Better Buildings Boot Camp is an annual event that is inspired by the theme of each year’s Green Building Festival (GBF). 2021’s theme is ShockProof Your Project. See the 2020 BBBC report here.


See the 2021 BBBC Report Here.

At the end of the Boot Camp students will receive a free invitation to attend the GBF and a certificate of completion.

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