Sustainable Buildings Canada Opens Office in Ottawa

We are pleased and excited to announce that Sustainable Buildings Canada is opening an office in Ottawa, and has partnered with Arborus Consulting and Posterity Group to continue to broaden our commitment to education, training, research, and program services. Sustainable Buildings Canada has already partnered with both Arborus Consulting and Posterity Group on various initiatives including as the delivery agents for the Enbridge Savings by Design Program in the Ottawa area, a variety of technical and policy research efforts and most recently on efforts focused on bringing the EnergieSprong initiative to Canada. We will be having an official opening for the Ottawa SBC office later this fall, with more details to follow. Stay tuned!


Arborus Consulting logoArborus Consulting is a engineering consultancy delivering research, analysis and education, complimenting our applications engineering services. The firm’s broad proficiency in matters related to energy and buildings is demonstrated by over 800 energy models, >100MW of renewable energy, building commissioning and well over 1Million sq.ft. of energy auditing.  Combining knowledge-based research & analysis with application engineering, expertise covers both supply and demand of energy, and have developed strategies to significantly reduce greenhouse gases in energy supply and consumption.


Posterity Group logoPosterity Group provides advisory services to policy and decision makers to help them advance toward a more energy-efficient, low-carbon built environment. Our strategic and technical advice and our research and analysis help to advance demand-side management and energy conservation program design, implementation and evaluation efforts for governments and utilities across Canada.  We also provide energy end-users and portfolio managers with practical and credible advice for identifying, justifying and validating opportunities to invest in energy-efficiency efforts in their commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.  Posterity Group also provides strategic and tactical advice and support in the technology deployment space to identify, assess potential, and validate performance of innovative energy efficiency technologies.


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