Sustainable Buildings Canada Opens Office in Ottawa

SBC has a co-located office on Eccles Ave in downtown Ottawa.  In collaboration with Arborus Consulting, SBC provides meeting hosting and stakeholder support to the local community.  SBC also undertakes integrated design workshops, training and information sessions and ad hoc consulting projects in the Ottawa region.  For more information, contact Mike Singleton.

Arborus Consulting logoArborus Consulting is an engineering consultancy delivering research, analysis and education, complimenting our applications engineering services. The firm’s broad proficiency in matters related to energy and buildings is demonstrated by over 800 energy models, >100MW of renewable energy, building commissioning and well over 1Million sq.ft. of energy auditing.  Combining knowledge-based research & analysis with application engineering, expertise covers both supply and demand of energy, and have developed strategies to significantly reduce greenhouse gases in energy supply and consumption.