COVID-19 Rapid Response Alternative Care Facilities Design Resource Site

Submissions are now CLOSED - Call for Rapid Response Alternative Care Facilities for Hospital Overflow - Design Resources and Concepts

Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) is committed to assisting in combatting this global pandemic in any way we can. With this in mind, we have created an on-line open-source platform for sharing information and ideas.  We are asking industry professionals, architects, designers, engineers, solutions providers and facility owners to contribute to our COVID-19 Resource Centre.  In particular, we are interested in solutions for temporary structures and their mechanical systems, telecommunications, power systems and materials selection.

We are asking our community to please pass along this message to any industry contacts you may have, and share your own projects and ideas with us as well.  The need is an immediate one.  The SBC team will monitor and post submissions and related news feeds daily.

See below for the details and thank you for helping.

Interested in seeing the compiled resources and news relating to COVID-19? View them here. 

Note: SBC has created this site for the purposes of supporting the emergency response. There is no cost to use the site and SBC does not warrant or endorse any of the information posted, referenced or linked on the site.