Strategies and Technologies for Building Resilience – Monday, March 20th

Jeanne Gang Architect of the Year

This event will explore how we need to start thinking and planning more seriously for any number of incidents - no matter their likelihood - that could affect our buildings.

Resilience isn’t something that can simply be achieved with technology, though it can be an important tool when we are designing for a more foreseeable future. This event will focus on technologies, strategies and other things to consider when resilience planning.

Experts and topics will include:

1 – Marcus Hinds on Mapping and Planning Around Resilience

2 – Jason Halter on Resilient Micro Architecture Projects

3 – Bill Davis on Heating and Cooling for a Changing Climate

4 – Joe Deu-Ngoc on Home Water Management Systems

Join us for an intimate evening filled with great people, ideas, food, and drinks! The event will be held at Toronto’s Spoke Club, and will begin at 6:30 on Monday March 20th.

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We hope to see you there! Email with any questions.

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